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There Space Screenprinting in Phoenix Arizona FAQ
How do I sign up for the membership? 

You can join one of our two tiers (depending on what fits your needs) through our Kofi account! You can join the membership here

Can I come in and print everyday?

Scheduling is dependent on availability. Most members print 1-3 times a month! 

Do you offer design help? 

Yes - we offer color separation assistance, vectorizing designs, and sizing designs to fit our screens. We also offer social media mock ups for you to use for an additional charge.

Does There Space provide shirts for members? 

There Space does not provide shirts for members, but contact us for a resource sheet.

Does There Space provide screens for members? 

We do not provide screens for members, but you can purchase them from us before your session!

How long are sessions? 

Sessions are four hours long. We have two time slots a day: 1pm-5pm and 5pm-9pm. 

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